Nova Scotia Therapist: Jessie DeBaie

Jessie DeBaie – Dartmouth/ Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia

Jessie DeBaie
Certified Bioenergetic Therapist
Certified Canadian Counsellor 
Presently working in a private practice in the  Dartmouth/ Eastern Shore area of Nova Scotia

I look forward to exploring the following ways that bioenergetic therapy could help you to:

  • find a route out of the emotional pain that may feel like your constant companion
  • find healthy ways to release buried emotion of the past blocking your energy for today
  • explore creative and positive ways  to deal with life’s  challenges
  • have more choice around expressing emotions- both positive and negative
  •  feel more grounded, connected and secure in life
  • start thriving instead of just surviving
  •  begin claiming more space for yourself
  •  begin enjoying more energy, potential and zest for life
  • learn about your authentic and true self and allow it to come out into the light

For further information:

Jessie DeBaie MEd, CBT CCC
Telephone: 902-845-2254