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Gabor Maté, Canadian MD one of the keynotes at the May 24-28 Conference Toronto

Dr. Gabor Mate is a keynote speaker at the upcoming Toronto conference.  Dr. Mate is a Canadian physician and internationally renowned speaker who specializes in neurology, psychiatry, and psychology, and the study and treatment of addition. .

In the attached video on “Attachment, Disease and Addiction”, Dr. Mate describes how attachment disruption and early trauma shows up later as disease and addiction.  He provides a clear description of the delicate task that psychotherapy has to gently get through cognitive layers of protection and help the person face and reorganize the emotional (and we would add “the somatic”) residue the wounding has caused.  This hour and 20 minute video is well worth the watch.

Don’t miss the chance to hear Dr. Mate address the Conference on the theme of social consciousness and action. May 24-28, Toronfto


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Bioenergetic Basics in New Brunswick- starting September 17,2016

International Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis

International Conference: May 24-28, 2017, Toronto, Canada

Reflecting Back Looking Forward : Essence of Growth in Bioenergetic Analysis


Bioenergetic Basics: Introducing the core concepts and basic techniques of Bioenergetic therapy in 6 full-day sessions

Dates:     September 17, October 15 and November 19, 2016, and February 18, March 18, and April 8, 2017

Time:      9 am to 3 pm

Location: Seaman’s Hospital, 12 Vye St., Miramichi, NB

Bioenergetic therapy is a highly effective therapeutic approach that combines work with the body and mind in the context of a therapeutic relationship to help people change at a deep level. This workshop is designed to give professionals in the healthcare field basic functional knowledge of Bioenergetics through lecture, demonstration, and experiential processes. Bioenergetic theory and techniques will be taught and participants will have the opportunity to practice the techniques. The meetings will also include Bioenergetic exercise classes and demonstrations of Bioenergetic psychotherapy sessions.

Bioenergetic Basics is for:

  • psychotherapists and mental health practitioners who want to add somatic psychotherapy work to their practice
  • practitioners of other disciplines who want to learn about the Bioenergetic approach to psychotherapy
  • individuals who want to learn about Bioenergetic therapy for personal growth

Participants will learn effective body based techniques to apply to:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • trauma and PTSD
  • general unhappiness with life
  • relationship challenges

Leaders: Leslie Ann Costello, Ph.D., L. Psych, Certified Bioenergetic Therapist (CBT).   Paula Foley, MSW, Certified Bioenergetic Therapist (CBT), and other members of the Atlantic Canada Society for Bioenergetic Analysis.

Costs:   $525.00 if paid in full 1 week prior to first session; $625.00 if divided into 2 payments on September 12, 2016 and January 15, 2017. Cancellation policy: refunds up until 1 week after the first session minus a $100 administrative fee. No refunds later than 1 week after the first session.

Registration: A registration form will be available soon. In the meantime, if you’re interested or have questions, get in touch with Leslie at 506-206-2667or reply to this email.

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Atlantic Canada Society for Bioenergetic Analysis

Atlantic  Canada Society for Bioenergetic Analysis members met the last weekend in September, 2015 to chart a path for bringing knowledge and awareness  to individuals who want access to Bioenergetic Therapy in the provinces of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, Canada.


This is our group at the recent meeting of our Society. One of the decisions we made was to explore the development of a web site.  This blog is a first step on the way to developing a  wordpress web site to promote ourselves as therapists and exercise group leaders and to bring information about the many benefits of bioenergetic therapy and exercise  to Atlantic Canada and the world.

More information to follow. Please feel free to post to this blog.