About Bioenergetics

Atlantic Canada Sociery for Bioenergetic Analysis, Definition and Description of Bionergetic Analysis

Atlantic Canada Society For Bioenergetic Analysis



  • an adventure in self-discovery
  • a holistic approach to the relief of stress and the increase of energy
  • a way of enhancing aliveness and emotional well-being
  • a help to opening one’s heart to love and life

Founded by Alexander Lowen, M.D. bioenergetics is a further development of the psychoanalytic work of Wilhelm Reich.

Bioenergetics combines work with the body and work with the mind to create an in-depth understanding of who the person is, and what s/he needs in order to be fully alive and vibrant.

   Photo by Bethany Doyle

The Narrows in Newfoundland… Bioenergetics is a voyage in self discovery.