Gabor Maté, Canadian MD one of the keynotes at the May 24-28 Conference Toronto

Dr. Gabor Mate is a keynote speaker at the upcoming Toronto conference.  Dr. Mate is a Canadian physician and internationally renowned speaker who specializes in neurology, psychiatry, and psychology, and the study and treatment of addition. .

In the attached video on “Attachment, Disease and Addiction”, Dr. Mate describes how attachment disruption and early trauma shows up later as disease and addiction.  He provides a clear description of the delicate task that psychotherapy has to gently get through cognitive layers of protection and help the person face and reorganize the emotional (and we would add “the somatic”) residue the wounding has caused.  This hour and 20 minute video is well worth the watch.

Don’t miss the chance to hear Dr. Mate address the Conference on the theme of social consciousness and action. May 24-28, Toronfto


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